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Bowlmor AMF 013 AMF Park Lanes

900 Axtell Dr.
Cayce, SC 29033

Bowlmor AMF in Cayce, SC
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    AMF is the world's largest owner and operator of bowling centers. Since the introduction of the automated pinspotter in 1946, AMF has been a leader in the bowling industry. More than 20 million bowlers per year make AMF their bowling destination of choice. AMF is where America goes bowling.

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    Very nice staff! Helped us on the lanes and got us some awesome wings! They were all smiling and you could tell they have fun working here. Will deff be back
    4 weeks ago
    The center was very busy on July 12th. I used an old receipt that said June 28th but I am commenting on July 12 ... But last Wednesday the entire bowling was filled with league players as well as customers waiting for an alley. Mike was there for a little while and he left leaving Matt in charge. Matt came by Lanes 9 and 10 several times to check to make sure everything was okay. (I think he likes me!!!) Everybody was hopping, Tyler and Marcus taking orders and bringing the food to the customers. Rebecca looked like she was extremely busy also. At one point, Bradley was around 9/10 and I asked him to put Tom in and even though he appeared to be so busy, he did that for us with a smile on his face. (I think he likes me, too!!). Thank you so much for your friendly staff, they make bowling fun. Pat Reading
    The lady at the desk, Kathy, was very friendly and helpful. This was our first visit and she helped us set up the screen and made sure we had everything we needed. She made us feel welcome, and we will definitely return.
    Kathy worked this day and as always, she took great care of Tom and me. This was our 29th Anniversary, and here we are "bowling" as usual. We didn't mention it to anyone ... but next year we plan to be in Las Vegas -- hope there's an AMF Bowling Alley there!!! Tom is not bowling over the Summer, but I am. He likes to fish and I want to bowl. So you see, I am extremely comfortable being by myself on Wednesday nights. I bought 5 Summer Passes and Tom and I continue to come on Sunday afternoons. So thanks to Mike, Matt, Susan, Kathy ... really everyone for every game we bowl. Pat & Tom Reading
    11 weeks ago
    I've been to several amfs around columbia and this one by far has the best customer service. I can't pick out any staff member because they were all wonderful. I'm not in a league but they informed me about them and offered me great food. I had the hotdogs which were absolutely amazing. I'll definitely be back. I'll probably stay away from the other and bowling alleys.
    I'll bet you just missed Tom and me when we were gone for 5 weeks in Florida!!! And we missed you too. I think I already told you that the Leesburg, FL AMF was our favorite when we were in Florida. But nothing beats our home bowling alley -- AMF Park Lanes, Cayce, SC. We have purchased the Summer Passes and know what a deal they are. I think I'll try to keep track of the number of games we actually bowl and let you know how much this saved us over the Summer. And I haven't told you lately (again) that the food at Park Lanes is really pretty good -- And Tyler takes exceptional care making our flatbread perfect. As always, Mike, Matt and Kathy take great care of us on Sundays and Rebecca does the same on her Wednesday nights. Okay -- thanks for everything. Pat Reading
    Hi ... We're back!!! We were in Florida for the month of March and did a lot of bowling in addition to fishing. The Leesburg, FL AMF bowling alley was the best we found among the alleys we tried. Okay, so much for that. I am commending Matt Roland for initially taking care of a possible unsafe problem. While bowling this date, we noticed that a small chunk of a young man's new ball had hit the back part of the return and did a small amount of damage to his new ball. Upon checking this out, we saw that the return had a sharp edge which could injure players and it’s pretty much the same way on a lot of the other returns. We talked to Matt about this and he will be trying get this repaired, but in the meantime Matt advised us later in the evening that he had done some self-repairs to these returns. I am hoping that Matt will be able to get this done before someone is cut on these sharp edges. Anyway, I'm back, we missed all of you ... heard there was a new bowling alley out there, but we stay with AMF Park Lanes. Pat & Tom Reading
    21 weeks ago