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Bowlero Corp 211 AMF Mt. Lebanon Lanes

1601 Washington Rd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15228
Bowlero Corp in Pittsburgh, PA
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    AMF is the world's largest owner and operator of bowling centers. Since the introduction of the automated pinspotter in 1946, AMF has been a leader in the bowling industry. More than 20 million bowlers per year make AMF their bowling destination of choice. AMF is where America goes bowling.

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    very friendly and helpful
    The team in this center is always well prepared, well trained and very efficient. Busy days are an excellent test of a team. The line of new customers was never empty. The team had to work smoothly to keep everything moving. I saw many happy customer faces. As always the team showed commitment and skill under stress.
    To me the only useful survey feedback is about the skills and training of the workforce. Asking me about smiles and cleaning is like asking me about the weather. The reason this center deserves such high regard is the effort put forward by every person working there. I expect pleasant people. I expect the machines to work. I appreciate skill and effort.
    As always, the whole team was very accommodating and informed as to what is going on in their center. It was busy while I was there yet Brenda and Dan manned the counter efficiently. Brenda made sure I had the info I needed to sign up for a summer league which I did before leaving. Both know I am prone to extended practice sessions and it appeared they considered this when assigning lanes. I love kids & like to see them bowling but it is hard to focus when you are surrounded by them. Thank you.
    Ordered a beverage at check in and customer service agent (not bar tender) brought it out to us even though she did not have to... we bowled three games and enjoyed every minute of it!
    The ladies room was dirty with toilet paper on the floor. The toilets were not flushed which I understand that is not managements fault. There was no soap in the dispenser to wash your hands with. Some one should check these rest rooms a few times a day to make sure they are clean and have enough supplies.
    Busy days are a test of organization and crew skill. Busy days will expose any weakness in planning or training. Today was a very busy day. The staff performed very well. It's always a pleasure to spend time at this center.
    Way too expensive to bowl a few games with my wife and young son. Even with a coupon, it still cost us $32 for 8 games and shoe rental. Without a coupon, it would have cost us almost $50. For an hour's worth of bowling. Concession stand is ridiculous - $3.00 for a child size fountain drink, awful-looking overpriced food not even worth trying. Certainly taking the fun out of trying to get a child into bowling - might as well pay for an amusement park ticket or bounce house pass.
    It's difficult to maintain a high level of service in terrible weather. Many league bowlers had cancelled to due foul weather yet the staff was ready to assist every customer. I appreciate dedication.
    A great team is well trained and enjoys their work. Every time we visit this center we are welcomed as friends. The center is always well maintained and ready to receive customers.