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Bowlero Corp 533 AMF Sportsman Lanes

616 Trenton
Findlay, OH 45840
Bowlero Corp in Findlay, OH
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    AMF is the world's largest owner and operator of bowling centers. Since the introduction of the automated pinspotter in 1946, AMF has been a leader in the bowling industry. More than 20 million bowlers per year make AMF their bowling destination of choice. AMF is where America goes bowling.

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    Kids bowling was success Jordan Nick
    4 weeks ago
    My husband and I come to bowl once every other week on our date night out. Each time we have been at your facility lately we have had all kinds of problems with the lanes. The computer glitches and skips one of us a turn to bowl, Not all the pins set up (this happened almost all the frames last night and we even brought it to their attention), the lane shuts off before we finish bowling and pretty much every time it doesn't return our ball after last bowl on the 10th frame. AND NO this is NOT just one lane. This happens on MANY of your lanes as we ask to be moved hoping that it will be different! We sometimes goes to the Bowling Green Ohio bowling ally and we don’t have any of these problems. It’s almost like the Findlay bowling ally needs to have an update on their system or NOT charge as much to bowl if we are expected to have this kind of bowling experience each time. I am frankly blown away that the professional leagues come here if we have this kind of experience!
    They keep the costumers happy and satisfy. The place is clean and never dirty. The tables are always washed down and there is never any food or garbage on the floor. If there was a problem there is always someone around to help.
    Nick was very nice and allowed us to pick the lane we wanted. He asked us if there was anything else we needed and he brought our drinks to us.
    Had a great server and it was all around a good time!
    Jordan C gave me amazing service and even massaged out a cramp in my neck. thanks Jordan ;)
    We called a few days prior to reserve to lanes. we were told that would not be necessary and they would be available. However we ended up having to wait half an hour for lanes to open.
    Best concession staff, ever!!! Prices on food and drinks could be lower, bathrooms could be cleaner. Food was very good and satisfying. Would appreciate better shows on tv. Overall, though. Pretty good day.
    I would like to thank Jordan for taking really good care of us during the Whirlpool bowling event he made sure we had everything we needed and check on us throughout the event