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Bowlmor AMF 516 AMF Empire Lanes

2400 Empire Blvd.
Webster, NY 14580
Bowlmor AMF in Webster, NY
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    AMF is the world's largest owner and operator of bowling centers. Since the introduction of the automated pinspotter in 1946, AMF has been a leader in the bowling industry. More than 20 million bowlers per year make AMF their bowling destination of choice. AMF is where America goes bowling.

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    More Kristen.
    Not sure how to correct this, but we were surrounded by groups of bowlers who had no concept of bowling etiquette. They were running up and throwing the ball not waiting for their turn. There should be some monitoring of people who can't follow the rules.
    We scheduled this Bowling Birthday party for our Grandson a couple weeks ago. When we showed up for the party we were notified that it was for next month. My husband apparently didn't see the incorrect date on the contract when he signed it and scanned it back. Meghan O'Brien went out of her way throwing the impromptu party together for us. They had quite a few other parties going on also and everyone did a great job making our little man's birthday an fantastic one. I want to send Meghan a huge Thank you, she was Awesome!!
    Very accommodating and courteous
    Smoking at the entrance doors is just not acceptable. We who do not smoke should not be subjected to walking through the haze!
    I would like for the staff to know what they are doing. They seem untrained. Tyler is the best employee there. he knows what he is doing. There should be more staff members also because they leave people waiting for a long time at the front desks.
    Food service
    My brother and sister in law my husband and I all decided to come in and go bowling. The guy at the front desk, Jim VanDermeer the Ops supervisor was horribly rude to each and every one of us. My brother in law and husband wanted to buy an alcoholic beverage and waited at the bar for at least 20 minutes, Jim proceeded to look at them probably 10 times and didn't say a word. The employees at the food bar came over and asked if they had been taken care of and they told them no, the employees at the food bar were very polite and took their order. They went back to the bar to wait for the drink and Jim was angry and threw a fit about them buying alcoholic beverages at 1130am and was going on about how they don't serve till noon, but Jim looked at them numerous times while they were sitting at the bar and didn't say a single word to them about this noon alcohol rule. He proceeded to give dirty looks and be grim the rest of our stay. We had a pin get stuck in our lane so we called for help, nothing. We went up to the front desk for help, nothing. Jim proceeded to just stand behind the desk and stare at us with a dirty looK on his face and did not help us even after having to go up to the desk to ask for help with this pin. My brother in law became so annoyed with standing and waiting for help for over 20 minutes that he just threw a ball down the lane in hopes to fix it which luckily it did because no one ever cake to check on us or the lane. Ever!! We proceeded to have more issues with the lane and reached out for more help and no one ever helped us and he just stood at the front desk doing nothing and every time we asked for help he was extremely rude and looked at us like we personally betrayed him. We played 5 games and was very upset and uncomfortable the whole time because of this. I have been coming here since I was a kid and have always loved coming here, especially when our family is in town because it as always been a fun place to come as adults and even with the kids and it's very upsetting to see people like that in charge and to treat customers that way. I am a loyal customer and will continue to come here but just in hopes that this man is not working, I woud not want to bring my children here to be treated the way we were treated today. Thank you.
    9 weeks ago
    quick and personable, asked if i wanted to add to my meal, i declined, on a diet but he did offer