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Bowlmor AMF 240 AMF Sayville Lanes

5660 Sunrise Hwy.
Sayville, NY 11782
Bowlmor AMF in Sayville, NY
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    AMF is the world's largest owner and operator of bowling centers. Since the introduction of the automated pinspotter in 1946, AMF has been a leader in the bowling industry. More than 20 million bowlers per year make AMF their bowling destination of choice. AMF is where America goes bowling.

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    Lauren is the nicest person when it comes to the customers I watch her joy as she helps others
    Keith and crew, as always, put up with our antics!
    We are very upset by the policy to keep the lanes dark if there is not a league. We would like to practice our game and it is difficult in the dark. We arrived at 5:45 hoping to avoid the dark but it was already dark. We inquired about this and it was stated that this is now the policy. I could understand if it was say 8 o'clock giving us time to practice in the light. We have been coming to this alley for 3 years and this only started happening on a regular basis within the past few months. We come every week. I feel that they do not care about us as regular bowlers.
    so it started off as a good night we were excited for unlimited bowling till close we were hoping to get a certain lane but they told us we weren't able to get that lane even tho no one was over there. so we said what ever and took the lane they gave us... we started bowling every thing was great. In the middle of game 3 the lane started malfunctioning this is the second time in a row coming to this amf we have had this problem. Then instead of spacing people out they cramped us all in we were a group of 3 they put a family (6 people) with 2 little kids in the lane next to us so it was tight at one point we went to get drinks at the bar and noticed the whole side of the building we were on was packed and almost no people on the other side. we wound up leaving early because we couldnt even enjoy it it was so cramped. We like to go out and relax on weekends and go bowling but at this rate we will have to find somewhere else to go.
    Keep ice packs handy in case customers need them
    we had to wait for over 2 hours to get a lane which made no sense because there was a ton of lanes open and we watched as they gave lanes to people who walked in after us which was not fair at all. Then i went up to get a drink and it took me about 18 -20 mins to get a drink at the bar and there was no one at the bar. I think the only reason they finally gave us a lane was because we went up and asked 9 times. Overall we had a great time but I'm not sure if we will ever be returning.