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Bowlero Corp 217 AMF Gates Lanes

645 Spencerport Rd.
Rochester, NY 14606
Bowlero Corp in Rochester, NY
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    AMF is the world's largest owner and operator of bowling centers. Since the introduction of the automated pinspotter in 1946, AMF has been a leader in the bowling industry. More than 20 million bowlers per year make AMF their bowling destination of choice. AMF is where America goes bowling.

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    The reason I gave you a 7 on rate the overall satisfaction while giving you a 1 on how likely I am to recommend AMF to others is for the following reasons: 1.The desk attendant was the only person I saw answering the phones, assigning bowlers lanes, taking in cash from bowlers leaving and pulling up bumpers. While he was working very hard to meet all those duties, I feel that having another individual to assist him would have been more appropriate. 2. I am a league bowler and am aware that I am supposed to get 2 free games per week per league. However, my name is never in the computer in order for me to take advantage of this courtesy. I instructed the desk person that I had witnessed my name being put into the computer after a previous visit when the person at the desk (I believe the manager at the time) entered it in. When I came back the next time, my name was not in there again. It was also not in there this time. The desk person did however accommodate me and only charged me league rates and also wrote my name down and said he would get it added. I would have obviously preferred the free games but I am not blaming the desk person, as I am sure he may have actually overstepped his bounds by only charging me league rate. 3. The main reason I would not recommend AMF to anyone was because as everything in #2 was happening I also watched the desk person charge someone over $84 dollars for open bowling. The person paying questioned the price and said " I thought it was $2.50 a game" to which the desk person answered " After 6PM" The person paying stated "You will never see me here again" I can not in good conscience send someone to one of your centers to pay an absurd linage fee, especially when the center was at best 1/4 occupied. I would suggest lowering your prices to league bowler rates all the time. That way people may not mind paying the ridiculous prices you charge at your snack bar. 4. As for the 7 rating I gave, I felt it was required, as the music was not blasting so loudly this time, that I was able to actually practice without wanting to run out of the center like usual.
    The people at th desk are friendly,courteous and imdidnot have to wait to get a lane. I paid for my drink and someone brought my drink to my lane in a timely manner.
    Have better prices at the bar and snack bar
    There is Only one bartender on a saturday night. Three leagues are bowling. I went to order she was on break. One waitress, so I wasn't going to wait for her.
    Friendly , very helpful.
    THERE was a lane readily available. I had no problems with the lane and my drink was brought to my lane.The lady at the desk was friendly.
    Better customer service the guy up front was rude acted like he didnt want to work today and also i paid the wrong amount today which is very disturbing because its 2 dollar sunday.
    They were very friendly and answered my questions about equipment, leagues and costs in a professional manner.
    a lane was available, with nom problems. Desk personnel was friendly.
    Food service needs immediate attention. After waiting 15 minutes to place an order the staff member taking the order did not actively listen to what was ordered. There was then a 35 min delay at which time I retrieved my own food which was greatly over cooked. The Bowling was fun. The food not so much.