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Bowlmor AMF 061 AMF Arc Lanes

4901 Monroe Ave.
Evansville, IN 47715

Bowlmor AMF in Evansville, IN
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    AMF is the world's largest owner and operator of bowling centers. Since the introduction of the automated pinspotter in 1946, AMF has been a leader in the bowling industry. More than 20 million bowlers per year make AMF their bowling destination of choice. AMF is where America goes bowling.

    OpenTell™ Reviews

    Richard and Bobby helped us get to our lanes and get everything set up. They were so nice to my daughter that she can't wait to return. The summer pass is a great value
    The employees here are always very friendly. We always have a wonderful experience with Patrick and Bobby
    Poor customer service and guy was not friendly. Paid for unlimited bowling 10 pm to 1am. They closed at 12am and we were not aware of this. We would not have paid 30.00 to play 2 games. We should've been compensated for this.
    We paid for unlimited bowling starting at 10 p.m. until 1 a.m. and at 12 o'clock they told us that they were closed in and we were not notified of these situations before paying for bowling
    There is a Friday all you can bowl that starts at 10pm. My wife called to see how long the All you can bowl lasts, and the representative stated that they were open until 1am, and that's when it ends. When we got there a few minutes before 10pm, a cashier told us that they would only stay open until 1am if they were busy, otherwise they would close at 12am. We went ahead and paid for the all you can bowl and bowled about 3 games. At about 11:15pm or 11:30pm, a family friend showed up. She wanted to bowl a game with us, so she paid to bowl. Instead of charging her for a single game, knowing they were closing soon which would have been cheaper, they charged her $15 for all you can bowl. They then cut off our game 2 minutes before 12 with only about 2 frames left. I was very upset and considered not going back after that trip. This bowling alley is nice, but we normally go to other bowling alleys that are cheaper, but figured we would try them again since the alley is bigger. Bowling was fun, but everything ruined my experience.
    We come in fairly often and today I was relieved to find Bill behind the counter. He is always pleasant and helpful, unlike some others there. Bill took the time to explain your Summer Pass program to us and we wound up purchasing three passes so I know we will be back often this summer. He also mentioned an upcoming adult and youth league which we may join if our schedules allow it. Thanks for a great time!
    The employees were very friendly, and helpful.
    Staff are always very friendly and polite. Quick to help in any way needed. The management staff are the best in town. Bobby is always talking and joking with us league bowlers creatIng a very welcoming environment. Rick and Patrick in the kitchen were great tonight as well. We wish we had a lane server tonight but other than that it was perfect.
    The staff was very friendly and helpful. The general manager and his team did their job to perfection. Every time we come to bowl he is there with a smile. He does just as much as his team and the moral stays wonderful. I will always choose this center over any in town.
    I loved my experience at Arc Lanes! I went with my teenage sister and her friend, we bowled 4 games and had some food. The servers were quite attentive and the music that was played was "in" according to the girls. I will be back!