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Bowlero Corp 061 AMF Arc Lanes

4901 Monroe Ave.
Evansville, IN 47715

Bowlero Corp in Evansville, IN
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    AMF is the world's largest owner and operator of bowling centers. Since the introduction of the automated pinspotter in 1946, AMF has been a leader in the bowling industry. More than 20 million bowlers per year make AMF their bowling destination of choice. AMF is where America goes bowling.

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    You have a badass manager here. We had a overly enthusiastic strike celebration and knocked over my Long Island. Bobby personally cleaned it up and remade it for me. That alone won our business for life. You don’t see managers do that very often.
    1. I called to ask when yall closed was told at 11 then i said oka thank u and they jus hung up. (actually closed at 12) 2. Was told that we had 10 minutes to order food, when up in the next 3 minutes, i was in line and could see a man moping through the door (they could see me too) and then after 5 minutes waiting he came out and said i cant any more orders we closed the kitchen about 30 seconds ago 3. Then about the same for beer they said last call, we went to order some right away and they said we stopped serving a few minutes ago, like what really the announcement was just made 4. We had a group of about 10 most payed by couples, i had a coupon for $1.19 per game that they didnt honor on my check 5. They were just overall rude since the phone call i had made earlier in the night asking about hours and specials, we all left right at 12 but dang they were staring us out the whole time
    assisted with rails up, stuck ball, and my kids finicky shoe needs
    Patrick was awesome—they seemed short staffed but he handled everything great!!!
    Slow and unfriendly service. Kitchen staff are very unsanitary. Managers were rude when i got referred to them. Worst first visit to any place ever.
    I want to start off by saying i am the owner of Liberty Lanes in Largo, FL. Now in saying that i was just wanting to genuinely inform you that what i am about to say is not merely a customer complaining for something free, but more of a genuine owner of the same business you are running passing along information to help better you. I have been here numerous times as i come in to visit family. I always bowl at the local alleys and see how they upgrade or maintain and up until the past year i have loved arc lanes. The general manager was really nice and really outgoing to customers and the staff was always friendly and helpful. I then noticed a management change and i myself have seen the center suffer for it. The cleanliness has drastically suffered. I noticed the new arcade, but upgrades may make money but it just hides all the flaws that costs you customers which costs you money. With saturdays visit and the other day i came walking through, i noticed an array of new staff altogether including another shift in management containing the lower tier. Somehow all management are seemingly rude to the customers. Even the staff themselves seem to be in a bad mood because management is in bad moods. The whole business itself seemed unprofessional as a whole. Co-workers cussing like sailors whilst in front of customers and *****/racial slurs/jokes. It was repulsive. Besides this the staff did not seem like they wanted to be here which was sad because they looked at the customers as customers not as guests. Every person was a dollar sign not a living breathing person. Even heard them talk that way. As stated it was just sad to see a well known business be so unprofessional. The lanes need some major maintenance as i noticed many people having issues myself included which created frustration as everyone was having to wait. The worst part came when i ordered food and the cooks were handling food without gloves.....major sanitation issue there. Most wait times for food even should not be 20 minutes. However we waiting nearly 25 minutes with just two appetizers. From what i could tell they were not backed up. I just noticed a lot of fiddling around, once again majorly unprofessional. AMF has lost my respect as a notable bowling alley after these past visits. They may make the money but they do not realize how much they are losing. I have been doing this a long time and I myself have been through this stage, however i made changes and my numbers have increased because of it. Anyways thank you for your time. Just shrug this off as I am sure you will. Just think to yourself "This guy is just insulting us because we are better" "This guy just wants free stuff" "This guy doesn't know how busy we really are and how much money we make." I understand most young inexperienced managers would think that. Try taking a $600k center to a $8 million center in six years and still continuously rising. I am just trying to help and point out the flaws. Professional business should not have toilet paper and paper towels strung out across the bathrooms or poop stains on the stall walls. A professional business should not have employees let alone the managers talk like the way they did in front of customers. It is sad to see such a reputable company act like this. I am truly sorry to say this, but probably will not return for awhile to any AMF that is. Maybe i will return in a couple years to see if things have changed. Best of luck. Have a great year.
    The draft beer was not working/all out and they didn't offer any specials on bottle beers or buckets.