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Bowlero Corp 113 AMF Savannah Lanes

115 Tibet Ave.
Savannah, GA 31406

Bowlero Corp in Savannah, GA
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    AMF is the world's largest owner and operator of bowling centers. Since the introduction of the automated pinspotter in 1946, AMF has been a leader in the bowling industry. More than 20 million bowlers per year make AMF their bowling destination of choice. AMF is where America goes bowling.

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    I accompanied my husband to the bowling tournament that was held at your facility on Saturday, 04/21. While our husbands were bowling, three other wives and I sat at the bar. When we first sat down, my friend asked the bartender if she could make a good margarita. She responded that the only drink she knew how to make on menu that we were looking at was the long island iced tea. She and the other bartender then said that they could get someone to make one for her if she wanted one. So they proceeded to call Sid Royal over to make the margarita. My other friend and I ordered the watermelon mist. The bartender said that was her favorite drink there, so I figured she knew how to make it. She proceed to get out her notes and make the drink. It wasn't bad but it didn't taste like it had any rum in it. The next time the other three ladies ordered a margarita and Sid came to make them, I asked him if he would make my watermelon mist as well. So he did. After that, the bartender had a nasty attitude towards us. She stated talking to other customers and co-workers using the worst profanity possible. She then complained to someone that "she had been busting her a** for three hours for 50 cents in tips. I was already over the foul language, but once she started complaining about tips in front of customers, I had enough. I spoke with Sid about it and he spoke with the employee. She then came back behind the bar and counted the money in her tip bucked. She announced that she had $46 in bills but hadn't counted the change. As I was walking past her to go outside to make a phone call, she was telling another customer that she got talked to because of me (she pointed at me as I walked by). I went straight to the front desk and spoke with the general manager. He processed to pull her in the back and talk to her. After that, once I walked away, so proceeded to tell her other coworker that she got talked to because apparently she was too loud....only my friends were still there so they heard it. Again, something was said to the GM. Fast forward to Sunday of my friends goes to buy a cup of water, and that employee is AGAIN talking about the fact that she got talked to because of us. We bought very little from the bowling alley on Sunday after the treatment on Saturday. My bowling friends and I easily spent $75 at the bar alone on Saturday while we were there for 3 games. We tipped the bartender for the drinks that she made us herself, which was 2. The rest we tipped Sid for because he made the rest of the drinks. I don't know the girls name, but the name on my receipt is Elboni. However, the person ringing up our drinks wasn't the same person that made the watermelon mists. She is a very poor reflection on your business and the management there. If an employee has been talked to three times regarding the same issue, obviously she knows that there aren't any consequences to her behavior. Any employee that feels it is okay to repeatedly use the "f" word with customers sitting at the bar clearly doesn't respect herself or her place of employment.
    Nashalie did a great job had a great attitude worked with a smile best bartender at Savannah lanes
    6 weeks ago
    Very sweet and professional. Smiled the whole time!
    Clean environment, hot food.
    Patricia D was great very lovable and suggest that I get a drink with my food . Will visit next time .
    Patricia was wonderful and customer service I came to get beer and she suggested that I get something to eat along with my drink I was very satisfied nice clean facility with great customer service and Anthony the general manager was awesome enjoyed my time at the bowling alley thank you see you again next time . When I come visit Savannah .
    I was very impressed by Patricia's performance. She had multiple customers and was able to accommodate everyone under pressure. I come ever Sunday and she always makes sure I leave with a full belly and a smile.
    Patrician D. in the cafe was very helpful. She suggested a great add on for my son’s birthday party(loaded fries) and cut their pizza in square slices so that we could get more pieces!
    More workers on food station, during the hour before and after a league begins. If there is a truck due in, we should not have to wait until emptied before being served. Thanks!