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234 Pico Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90405
Bowlmor AMF in Santa Monica, CA
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    AMF is the world's largest owner and operator of bowling centers. Since the introduction of the automated pinspotter in 1946, AMF has been a leader in the bowling industry. More than 20 million bowlers per year make AMF their bowling destination of choice. AMF is where America goes bowling.

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    I was pleased with the attentiveness of the service of the staff and I liked the availability of the various sizes of the balls. The shoes were an easy fit and the food was good compared to most other places I've gone bowling.
    Our server was very attentive, and the cashier was quick and efficient processing a large group transaction.
    This place is honestly the most ridiculously overpriced bowling place I have been to, and their employees are not properly trained. The girl at the front (Cindy I believe) failed to mention that we would be charged PER PERSON, PER GAME so we ended up spending over $60 on only 3 games for 2 of us and another $12 on shoes, for almost $75 total. That's crazy expensive, and not only that, they need to better train their employees. The front girl only told us it would be $10.30 or so for each of us, which I thought was reasonable. She also insisted on keeping my credit card so she could keep an open tab - what? Finally she slapped us with the $75 and when I expressed my disbelief all she had to say was "yeah I know it's confusing". There's nothing confusing about it if you had only told us beforehand. I also had to wait so long in line because the other front desk girl was just standing there and refused to see us? Not sure what her job was. I wish I'd read the other reviews before I went. TLDR; Ridiculously overpriced, lack of training, dirty facilities (the game room is a tiny hole with games I haven't seen in years) and front employees who are obviously misleading customers and making false ***** disclaimers.
    I had such an AMAZING time!!!!! Cool crowd, great for singles! Busy bar, hard to get a drink but once you get one it will hit you! STRONG! We are planning on coming back again
    Got here before the rush. Carleen was a gem. My family and I had a lot of fun
    Staff needs to be at least a little nicer, especially the bartender. Bartender was a female, unable to get her name but had her bangs pinned back, I had asked for 2 cups of water since no one came to our bowling lane today. She gave me the stankiest look and just gave me the cups with no straws. I asked for straws and she looked at me and said they didn't have any when clearly on the left side of the bar there were a lot of straws. She gave me 1 and I asked for another and just threw the straw at the bar. When me and my boyfriend were done bowling we went up to the registers to get my card back and get charged. I asked for my card back and told "Jasmin" we were done bowling she gives me my card back then she started talking to some other customer so my boyfriend kindly asks her if she can finish our transaction up. She takes another credit card which wasn't mine and was ready to charge it. We tell her that's not our card and then she asked for my card again. Staff just needs a little more training at the registers & definitely at the bar.
    The actual game and experience was fantastic, as I was having a special "date" with my 13 year old son. However, what ruined the whole experience was when I went to pay and found out - due to your deceptive pricing - that I was being charged more than twice what I was expecting. I am actually furious about it but didn't make a huge deal at the counter because I didn't want to ruin the experience for my son. I will be calling to complain by phone momentarily, and feel that I should be given a free something or other to mitigate this. Basically, your pricing online is vague - I expected the $6.09 per game NOT to be per person per game. And there's no mention of the outrageous rental price of shoes being $5.99. No one explained this to me, and even the piece of paper at the desk stating prices - the font on the rental text is so small I couldn't even read it. Shame. Change your deceptive advertising prices and be upfront. I can make my decisions from proper information.
    Ok who knew this place would be so ***** busy! Thank god we had somewhat of a reservation. We had the pleasure of meeting the general manager who was working at the front desk. He was fabulous !!! Forgot his name, but he really got us excited to bowl and drink. The bowling was awesome and the drinks were nice and strong!!! This place has really stepped it up. I will def book more events here
    I love Bowlmor! You can always expect bomb service
    Love this place. Always a great time! Great service. Fast checkins