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Bowlmor AMF 218 AMF Sierra Lanes

6450 North Blackstone
Fresno, CA 93710
Bowlmor AMF in Fresno, CA
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    AMF is the world's largest owner and operator of bowling centers. Since the introduction of the automated pinspotter in 1946, AMF has been a leader in the bowling industry. More than 20 million bowlers per year make AMF their bowling destination of choice. AMF is where America goes bowling.

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    all is ok
    Employees are very pleasant and always makes our visit enjoyable.
    They were very kind and respectful. They helped if we had a problem and made us feel welcomed at being there. They had a positive energy and as it being my first time there I felt really satisfied and definitely recommend it to others.
    My 14 year old daughters birthdray was yesterday & she wanted to go bowling with some friends. She went online & made a reservation, when AMF Bowling called her back the lady on the phone said that the 140 Shaw location, in Clovis that she chose would be slow @ 4pm and that she should just walk in. So we did, we got there, they did not have any lanes available & they did not show our reservation. We had 13, 13 year olds girls that had been dropped off by their parents wait at the bowlign alley for us. I asked the manager (i think it was Andrew Tauscher) if there was anythign that he could do to help us, he was very rude and basically told me that he did not have to. He then said that I was attacking him, which I was not which can be varified because I was on the phone with your other location, 6450 Blackstone, trying to see if we could move our party over there. I had 13 girls in a car that seats only 7, thankfully my friend hleped me transport all of the girls safely. After 2 phone calls with very helpful managers at the Blackstone location they were very busy but got us in immediatly & took very good care of us. Justin, was the manager that made all of the arragements as we were driving over, he even stayed past his shift tomake sure that we had a smooth admission. Jason then introduced me to Jesse, another manager that took our food order, and let me know if I needed anything he would take careof us. Total I spents $300 on bowling & food. My girls had a great time, the bowling alley was bright & attractive. I was really surprised at how good the food was. After such a negative experience at your Shaw location I was happy that everything turned out well for our party at the Blackstone location. So happy in fact that I tweeted about it to my follower in Fresno. I have not been bowling in a long time & would not have gone had my daughter not suggested it. Ultimaltly happy that we did & will bowl again soon at your Blackstone location.
    Lower the price
    8 weeks ago
    ladies bathroom always smell really bad and people shouldn't be allowed to bring drinks down near unfair for league bowlers and can cause injuries
    Kevin is very helpful and approachable. He's very attentive to our request
    Charles G was attentive to my needs. I told him I was interested in joining a league and he provided some information. In addition to that he must have been watching me bowl because I was having some difficulty with requesting re-rack and he came over and assisted me.
    We been coming scene April and the staff goes all out. I'm one of those people if you get good service I'll all ways go back.