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Bowlmor AMF 428 AMF McRay Plaza Lanes

3825 West Ray Rd.
Chandler, AZ 85226
Bowlmor AMF in Chandler, AZ
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    AMF is the world's largest owner and operator of bowling centers. Since the introduction of the automated pinspotter in 1946, AMF has been a leader in the bowling industry. More than 20 million bowlers per year make AMF their bowling destination of choice. AMF is where America goes bowling.

    OpenTell™ Reviews

    Brittany is always very helpful. She always brings us water without asking.
    Kayla, Leah, and Britney and some of your greatest staff. They are so pleasant and friendly!! Having staff like these stellar women makes people want to come back over and over again!!!
    Jacob explained everything in a very friendly and thorough manner and made us happy and feel welcome. And when we checked out he could tell our enthusiasm and told us about leagues and special offers that we didn't know about that we will definitely take advantage of.
    they all are so courteous and friendly....even after I was absent for 2 months ....Thks
    Everyone is so friendly and always willing to assist you if you need help. The restrooms are really clean and the snacks are tasty! My daughter, her roommate and I all bought bowling shoes from "Cedric" in the bowling store.
    I arranged a group activity based on advertised $2 Tuesday on your website and showing on your inside screens. Upon arrival we were advised by a sign and desk employee that $2 rate didn't apply during holidays and this change had come from AMF corporate office. If that was the plan AMF website should have been updated and site screens turned off or updated as that was clearly misleading advertising.
    I was pleasantly surprised that it was only $2.00 per game per person and $2.00 for shoe rental per person on Tuesdays! Tabitha was super friendly when getting us set up on a lane, giving us our shoes and checking us out.
    Tina is always fantastic. She is very helpful and has a great attitude.
    Helen and Kayla and as usual gave us excellent service!! They are great assets to the company!! I do have a complaint however!! The soda machine was turned around and I know this is a ***** corporate idea to save pennies!! This is unacceptable and will probably result in me not attending this AMF after this bowling season!! Little things like this mean so much to me and other customers!! I have been bowling here two years now in leagues and something like this even though small will be a deal breaker!! My promise to AMF is that if this is not changed I will not bowl here in leagues after this season!! You can take your pennies and shove them in your *****!! Oh yes and fire the moron who came up with this idea!!!!
    Service was great! Only wish the beer was cheaper or had specials for them.