Frequently Asked Questions


What is InMoment?
InMoment drives operational improvement. Using InMoment, companies improve operational excellence, foster consumer satisfaction, build customer loyalty, and support employee retention. Our industry experts guide clients in building comprehensive enterprise feedback management (EFM) solutions. InMoment's proprietary review technology captures the voice of the customer in real-time and immediately transforms it into actionable intelligence through powerful and incisive reporting. InMoment serves more than 25 different industries including travel, hospitality, restaurant, financial, salon, automotive, and retail.

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What is the purpose of the OpenTell™ web site?
All of InMoment's client companies are dedicated to providing excellent customer experiences. Sometimes that can be a difficult message to spread. Our clients share the customer reviews publicly to demonstrate their commitment to great service and continual improvement.
Where do OpenTell™ reviews come from?
InMoment collects customer reviews on behalf of our clients who are some of the most trusted brands in the world. Our clients include hotels, car rental agencies, restaurants, and retail chains. After a customer stays in a hotel, rents a car, or eats a meal they are invited to review their experience. Our clients use these reviews to make improvements to their businesses. Some of these companies have chosen to demonstrate their commitment to improvement and great customer service by sharing these reviews publicly.
Are any of the OpenTell™ reviews spam?
No. OpenTell reviews are from real customers who have had an actual experience to review. Some websites allow reviews to be posted by anyone including spammers, competitors, former employees with an axe to grind, or managers looking to boost their reputation. OpenTell™ reviews are the result of an invitation to leave feedback extended to a real customer.


How can I leave an OpenTell™ review?
To leave an OpenTell™ review, you must first have an experience with one of our client companies. After the experience you may be offered an invitation to leave feedback. After sharing a review you may be invited to post that experience publicly on the OpenTell™ site.
Are reviews anonymous?
Yes. OpenTell reviews are anonymous. The only time reviews become identifiable is when they are also shared to a social media website. InMoment does collect some limited identifiable information but it is not shared publicly.
Why can't I find a business using OpenTell™?
Currently OpenTell™ is limited to certain InMoment clients who have chosen to share their customer reviews. Businesses who are not InMoment clients are not represented.
Can I change my review?
No. Once a review is posted, it cannot be altered. This is because reviews are anonymous and once they are shared there is no way to know which review is yours.
How do I report a review that is offensive or inappropriate?
If you notice an offensive or inappropriate review please contact us through our support email:
How are the reviews ordered?
The reviews are displayed in the order in which they were received. Newer reviews are at the top, older reviews are at the bottom.

Managers and Owners

How can I set up an OpenTell™ Site?
To set up an OpenTell™ Site, contact the InMoment sales team by calling 1-888-467-9211 or by sending an email to Visit our website for more information about InMoment and our products and services.
How can I respond to reviews that have been left on my OpenTell™ Site?
There is currently no way to respond publicly to reviews that have been left. However this is a feature we are working on.
Can I remove a negative or unfair review?
No. Reviews cannot be changed once they have been posted. This helps maintain the integrity of the OpenTell™ site. However, if you notice a fraudulent or offensive review, please contact your InMoment client experience team or send an email to

Sharing, Social Media, and Linking to OpenTell™

How do I post a link to a location's OpenTell™ page?
To create a web link to a location's review site simply copy the URL in your browser's search bar and paste it into the link markup on your target web page.
How do I share my review on Google Circles, Facebook or Twitter?
This feature is coming soon. We will allow our client's customers to optionally and automatically share their review on their Google Circles, Facebook or Twitter account.


What personal information is collected?
Reviews are anonymous. This encourages honest feedback. However some personal information is collected. During phone reviews a customer's Automatic Number Identification (ANI) is collected, which is similar but not identical to caller ID. During web reviews a customer's IP address is collected. Some review processes and surveys may collect additional personal information such as account number, but not every review process is identical. The full extent of personally identifiable information we collect is detailed in our privacy policy.
How is personal information used on OpenTell™?
Trust is a fundamental component of the OpenTell™ site. Trust is even in the product's name. We collect a very limited amount of personally identifiable information, but we take our responsibility to collect it seriously. Please review our privacy policy for more information.
Can business owners and managers contact me after I leave a review?
Only if you want them to. During the review process you may be asked if a manager may contact you about your experience. They will only do so if you have indicated that you want to be contacted.